Home Press Release Cabin Fever awarded Game of the Con at SnowCon Maine 2011

Cabin Fever awarded Game of the Con at SnowCon Maine 2011

Cabin Fever awarded Game of the Con at SnowCon Maine 2011


Brunswick, Maine – January 24, 2011 – Cabin Fever: The Game from Maine, a dice scoring game published by Merrymeeting Games of Brunswick, Maine, was selected for the distinction and award of “Game of the Con” at the SnowCon Maine 2011 gaming convention in Orono, Maine (held on January 15th & 16th). Hundreds of enthusiasts of all ages gathered for the annual social-gaming convention. SnowCon Maine celebrates the electronic-free gaming culture with special events, guests, workshops, and exhibitors that appeal to tabletop and board game fans young and old.

Cabin Fever was designed by Mark Leaman of Brunswick, Maine. “The challenge was how to make it fun. There are a lot of games that are simply a race to the finish line. I wanted to create something different, something that had a social component, that was strategic, competitive and uniquely Maine.” Leaman said he developed the idea for the game several winters ago during a snowstorm. “I had been working on developing a game that was Maine themed and family oriented,” said Leaman. “Then, during the storm, the power went out. My son and I were sitting around and I said, ‘Try out this idea with me.’ He really loved it so I figured I was onto something.”

The object of the game is simple, be the first person to “dig out” from being “snowed in” and score 1,000 points to win the game. However winning the game is fraught with obstacles such as broken chairlifts, squalls and Nor’Easters. The game accommodates 2 – 8 players and is recommended for ages 13 and up. Each Cabin Fever game comes in a palm-sized, acrylic travel cube and includes five Scoring Dice, one “vacation” die, a plastic cabin game piece, instructions and three “I’ve got Cabin Fever!” stickers and retails for $7.95 (US).

Cabin Fever:The Game from Maine is available in select retail stores in Maine and on the web through the Merrymeeting Games online store at http://merrymeetinggames.com.





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